How We Optimize IT for you

Our core focus has never wavered since our establishment in that we have always trusted in the partnership approach of shared responsibility and vision. This is how we differ from other IT Solutions Integrator and Provider, we hold ourselves accountable to what we set out to achieve.


Artha Mitra Interdata (AMI) was established in 2003. Our experience in the IT integrations industry has since allowed us to work with different clients across various industries, each with different experiences that have shaped the way we deliver our solutions.

We look to continue building upon the decade-long body of knowledge that we’ve had, and continuously providing value for the clients that we work with by applying and adopting suitable technology.


Be the company of choice in technology solution integrator and provider to intensify customers’ competitive edge.


Cooperate with customers as partners by assisting them to achieve its competitive business objectives through leadership and professionalism of services as well as delivering excellent performance with dedicated and motivated people.


We work to achieve optimum collaboration with our clients, principal partners, and internal employees. As such, we have formulated a set of core values (CIPTA) that enable us to guide us in the way we conduct ourselves. CIPTA has a meaning of "creative force" in Indonesian, it is also an acronym that stands for the solutions we create to deliver value for our clients:

  • "C"ommitment: We understand the importance of delivering on our promises and are dedicated to excellence in completing the tasks at hand
  • "I"ntegrity: We abide to a set of moral standards that is unwavering and steadfast – we always look to do the right thing
  • "P"rofessionalism: We believe in our competence and seek to achieve the best results in all that we do
  • "T"eamwork: Understanding that synergy enables us to achieve more, we look to always collaborate in formulating the optimum solution …. We look to always collaborate in formulating the optimum solution by understanding that synergy enables us to achieve more
  • "A"dvancement: Encapsulating our vision and purpose as a company, we view the work at hand with a big picture lens to ensure that what we deliver provides tangible value that advance the business … We view the work at hand with a big picture lens to ensure that what we deliver provides tangible value that advance the business by encapsulating our vision and purpose as a company,

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We offer a wide range of solutions and services centered on IT Infrastructure and Security, designed to maximize impact and value to your business. To sum it up, our services are aimed at optimizing IT, in turn enabling and extending to further achieve your organizational objectives and success.



Network Infrastructure

By definition, network infrastructure is defined as an interconnected group of computers linked by the various parts of a telecommunications architecture. In an organization, this refers to the various components and configuration of the communications system, from individual networked computers, routers, cables, network protocols and access methodologies. We collaborate with various principals to deliver and implement products best suited to your needs. We fully understand the importance of internal and external communications by collaborating through the intranet, the internet, the cloud and the mobility, which is why we always seek to provide complete and reliable infrastructure solutions.

IT Security

Security is always a primary concern when discussing and building infrastructures. Our experience in the industry of IT integration solutions has given us a multitude of different scenarios and optimization opportunities to draw from with regards to protecting your network integrity. We have provided different solutions covering firewalls, user-access controls, data monitoring, defining protocols. In an age where technology and its threats are constantly evolving, we constantly look to staying on the forefront of network security development.

Network Monitoring

The purpose of network monitoring is to identify, gather, monitor and report security-related events within software, system or IT environment (holistically known as the computer network). We provide network monitoring solutions so that your organization can focus on your business without worrying about failures or complications within your network. Leave the work to us, and we'll help optimize your monitoring system to perform more efficiently and reliably.

  • Network Hardware
  • Network Software
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Bandwidth Optimizer
  • Firewall
  • Antispam
  • VoIP


At AMI, we are ready to deliver a full suite of end-to-end solutions. Our services follow a methodology beginning with a thorough consultation process to assess your current state in order to identify issues and potential improvements. Following consultation, the solution formulation process takes place in which we design optimizations and key activities according to a delivery timeline.

The implementation of solutions will then take place whereby monitoring and robust project management is in place so that the range of benefits are realized. Finally, in order to ensure sustainability, we provide training and support for the system handover and internal employees will be ready to take charge of the improvements implemented.

  • System development
  • Hardware installation
  • System Implementation
  • Internal training
  • Internal support
  • System maintenance


We are always striving to improve and expand our range of solutions so that we are at the forefront of technological advancements. The principals we work with are partners that have wide ranges of competencies in the world of network and IT security – meet some of them:


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